Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are critical when hillsides are an issue on job sites. Securing your property, as well as your neighbors, is of critical importance to Ikon Concrete Design.

As the first step in laying foundations, the excavation is crucial in realizing the success of each project. Regardless of what each project entails, it is always necessary to conduct excavations with precision markings to avoid over or under cutting, thereby minimizing additional digging as well unnecessary labor and materials. Ikon utilizes the latest technology with respect to equipment and training for every project with the underlying goal of achieving the customer’s satisfaction in the most efficient manner possible.

Footings & Grade Beams
From precision drilling for caissons, to custom or pre-fabricated cages, Ikon secures foundations with an attention to detail that provides for solid, well-designed footings and grade beams. Whether your foundation lies on flat earth or a hillside, Ikon is committed to creating only the securest of foundations for your project.

Used primarily for hillside construction, Ikon’s knowledge and experience allow for the most effective application of the Grading Observation’s findings.  Through pre-fabricated cages order through existing manufacturers, or even custom created cages, Ikon customers rest assured their homes and businesses are built with stability in their foundations.

Block Wall Construction
Aside from providing the obvious structural attributes, block wall construction offers an opportunity to add a decorative touch. Ikon constructs block walls first, with an attention to structural integrity. All our cells are clean, along with the rebar and keyways; further Ikon vibrates all our blocks to insure maximum concrete with minimal air pockets.

Ikon is skilled in the construction of concrete walls as well. Relying on skillful forming and pouring, solid concrete walls also allow for the opportunity of adding a decorative touch. From color, custom wall caps, various finishes, stone veneer and even adding design, Ikon appreciates the many options available to meet its customer’s desires.

Waterproofing & Drainage
In construction, waterproofing is critical. With advancements in technology the options are ever expanding. Ikon focuses on how best to meet the customer’s desires while balancing practical building concerns. From waterproof membranes and foam guards, to “V” ditches and subterranean drainage, Ikon offers the best materials and the best talent in securing the integrity of your project.

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Ikon Concrete Design
Ikon Concrete Design
Ikon Concrete Design

Ikon Concrete Design Ikon Concrete Design Ikon Concrete Design
Ikon Concrete Design Ikon Concrete Design Ikon Concrete Design

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